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You can simulate an experience of "Encounter while traveling" This is a new experience, Online stay bringing you local Osaka and meet new people.


We cannot travel abroad in Corona in the future. The current situation is unbearable with overseas travel. Isn’t the best part of traveling abroad the meeting with travelers and locals from all over the world, and aren’t you excited about the stories that come out of it?

But what if you could visit Japan Osaka and meet locals and travelers from all over the world even in this situation?
The setting is Osaka, but by virtually touring Osaka with people from all over the world together, we can create connections with people all over the world, doubling our expectations and enjoyment of future trips abroad. Even if you want to go abroad, you can’t, but you want to feel like you’re abroad and connect with people from all over the world.
This online accommodation is highly recommended for such people.


What is Online virtual tour?


You are gonna have 2 hours virtual trip around Osaka’s local area from home. Visit guesthouses, listen to the stories of the people who run the unique shops in this area, and interact with the people you meet coincidently.

Having this experience, means you have been to Osaka once.
It’s hard to imagine what is like, so please have a simulated experience here below.




Start from closest station / 移動

Let’s head to LINDA HOSTEL from closest station.
駅から商店街を通り、LINDA HOSTEL 106へ
駅から商店街を通り、LINDA HOSTEL 106へ

Introduction yourself / 自己紹介

We will chat and introduce yourself each other.

Check-in / チェックイン

The first step is to check-in at LINDA HOSTEL 106 and we give you a facility tour. Check-in is the most important event for guests to connect with the hotel staff and locals. We introduce ourselves to each other and enjoy a small chat.

LINDA HOSTEL 106に到着です。スタッフみんなでお出迎え
まずはLINDA HOSTEL 106にチェックインと館内案内するところから。

Take a look facility / 館内案内

I will show you inside fo facility throughout livestreaming

Guide tour by local guide



Tour guide Tommy will take you on a local tour of the Osaka area around the hostel.
He’ll introduce some of the recommended street foods and stores that you won’t find in the guidebook, and talk to shop owners actually.


He’ll introduce some of the recommended street foods and stores that you won’t find in the guidebook, and talk to shop owners actually.
On the way, we are gonna have casual conversation about Japanese and Osaka culture, it’ll be a good chance to ask Japanese people anything about Japan!

First place to visit (local Cafe)

最初に訪れる場所 (近所のコーヒーショップ)

If you’re not paying attention, the quiz will start abruptly lol. You are going to know the history and charm of Osaka by talking in person.


Second place to visit (local Japanese traditional sweet shop)


We will visit Japanese traditional sweet shop

Small group interaction


After coming back to the Hostel, we will have a toast with everyone and then talk with each other. We split into small groups like 3-4 people and enjoy deeper interaction. We’ll talk about anything such as travels, activities, culture, etc.


Nakazaki-cho / 中崎町

“Nakazaki-cho” is a local downtown area with many retro Showa-era buildings and stylish stores. You can enjoy nostalgia and transitional area at Nakazakicho. Because when World War II this area escaped the bombing of Osaka, so there are buildings that have over 70 years history, and lots of townhouse exit. And first of 21 century the café, antique shops, used shops, beauty salon, those like retro and fissionable shops have increased, and nowadays lots of young people. visit here every weekend. And also, there is lots of unique shops that have something unique concept, so this place makes us to try to find more and more without boring



Temma / 天満

“Tenma” is also local area with the longest shopping street in Japan, and many bars and restaurants, and is full of humanity.
There is Tenjinbashi-suji street market that is the longest one in Japan nearby LINDA HOSTEL 106. Length is 2.6 km from 1st block to 6th block, and there are about 600 shops and restaurant. The longest arcade in Japan.

This arcade street has restaurant, clothing shops and amusement there is 6 blocks and we call each bock nickname. Generally, the arcade street has federated union by town council, but this arcade doesn’t have it, so each block has own union here. So, you can find difference of each block.

And also, there are lots of Izakaya bar and restaurant, Osaka local foods such as Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Kushi-katsu, but there is lots of genre such as craft wine and beer bar, standing style bar. So, it is really suitable place to do bar hopping.

LINDA HOSTEL 106のすぐ近くに日本一長いと言われている天神橋筋商店街があります。

天神橋一丁目から天神橋六丁目まで南北2.6 km、600の店舗が軒を連ねる日本一長いアーケード商店街である。衣料品店をはじめ、飲食店、娯楽施設が軒を連ねる各商店街は、地名にならって「○丁目商店街」のように分類され、例えば1丁目商店街は「天1(てんいち)」、3丁目商店街ならば「天3(てんさん)」というように略称が用いられる。1丁目から6丁目までの連合組合はない。「3丁目商店街」は2006年(平成18年)5月に「がんばる商店街77選」に選ばれた。商店街は、南から北へ、1丁目から7丁目となっており、すぐ西を平行して走る地下鉄堺筋線で例えれば、2丁目が南森町駅、4丁目が扇町駅、6丁目が天神橋筋六丁目駅と1丁目から6丁目まで地下鉄2区間分ほどの長さになる。「出典ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)」



Voice of the participants


Isaiah French


I heard about the event through the owner of Linda Hostel, Tomohiro Mizuguchi. I had never participated in a virtual tour, but I was curious to know what the experience entailed, so I decided to join the event.I enjoyed spending time with people from all over the world in a virtual space. Up until the tour, I hadn’t come across any virtual tours or events on my own and never really thought about the power of connecting people through virtual experiences. However, I soon learned that virtual space, like any other social space, lends itself well to conversing and getting to know people with the added benefit of never leaving home.

The most memorable experience on the tour was traveling through the Osaka marketplaces while learning historical facts about the area.

The reasons why I would recommend this tour is that it’s a fun way to learn about modern day city life in Japan while meeting new people who share an interest in travel and cultural exchange. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s curious about cross cultural exchange and education.


I stumbled upon Linda Hostel 106’s Instagram post about this tour. It was an opportunity to virtually travel that I will never regret. I enjoyed how our tour guide, Tomohiro, and the other wonderful employees guided us through the hostel interior. It was clean and looked like all their online pictures. They even recorded videos with English subtitles of Tomohiro walking to some local shops where he interviewed the shop owners. We participants also chat all together, then gathered into small groups mixed with both people from Japan and people not from Japan. As for reasons that I’d recommend this tour to my friends: firstly, it made me feel that the employees were confident in what their hostel and city have to offer to visitors. Not only that, but learning the stories behind the shop owners’ businesses in their interviews left a warm impression. They may compete, but they are a tight-knit community. I also can’t forget about learning about the history of takoyaki! Learning history, chatting with, and asking questions to both Japanese and non-Japanese people currently in Osaka throughout the tour gave me insight on what visiting Osaka would be like as well. Now that the tour has ended, I hope to first-handedly experience the familial welcome in Osaka that Linda Hostel 106 introduced in their tour.

Jason Tse

Hong Kong

It was a remarkable experience redefining travel. I was brought to the tour by promotion on Instagram posts, and I do not regret it. Hostel tour was detailed and attractive, walking through the neighborhood community helped me to know more about Osaka, in terms of history and Japanese local culture. I appreciate the effort and creativity being put into this online event by Linda Hostel 106. They made my dream of visiting Japan during this difficult time come true.

The best part of the tour was creating a platform to connect participants from all over the world. Discussion sections throughout the tour put us in small groups to share thoughts and cultural differences with new friends, language exchange in real time communication. If you are interested in Japanese culture, making Japanese friends, learning or practicing a new language. This is the event for you!

Natalie Chen

The virtual tour of Osaka was so much fun! I heard about it from my brother, who works at Linda Hostel 106. I’ve never been to Japan before, so I really enjoyed getting to take a mini “trip” through the neighborhood. Specifically, seeing the culture of compassion among the community was super heartwarming and made me want to visit even more! I also appreciated that the tour was interactive, and I was even able to meet some new people on the other side of the world. It was a unique opportunity for me to ask the locals a few questions I had about what it might be like to live in Japan as a foreigner. Overall, the whole experience was very casual and friendly but also informative! If you’re thinking about traveling to Japan or are just curious about what life there looks like in general, I’d definitely recommend taking the tour!






How to attend


Participation fee: Free
joining qualifications: Support got LINDA HOSTEL 106 promotion
・Join Facebook grou p”Online Osaka Local Tour”
・Post the review on SNS accaunt after joining
・Invite your friend you want to recommend.

参加条件:LINDA HOSTEL 106のプロモーションへのご協力
・フェイスブックグループ “Online Osaka Local Tour” への参加

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