Something for happy time

私たちは、これまでたくさんの仲間に助けられ、LINDA HOSTEL106をオープンすることが出来ました。
携わる人が喜んでくれるように考え創っていく。 一人では出来ない事も、誰かとするから成し遂げられる。
LINDAでイベントやってみたいしたいと思ったら、応募フォームにてお問い合わせください。一緒に、Something for happy timeを探求しましょう。

LINDA has a lot of friends who likes holding events.
If you were a curious person, engage with holding various events, participate events and meeting many people, you would get “something”.
Something may means encountering with new friends, own talent that even you did not or discovering different values.
The reason that we can open LINDA HOSTEL why We have been helped by many companions.
Our hostel concept is “Creating together and Keep improving”.
So, we make some furniture in the hostel together, clean neighborhood and search individual stores around here. Through something like these, we express our concept.
We want to provide LINDA where we can express the thoughts of various people, such as those who want to convey something, those who have special thoughts and those who want to change something.
we think and create for participants feel happy.
Things you cannot do alone can be accomplished because you can do it with other people.
So, LINDA think” Co-creation” as important and keep improving with people involved
If you would like to have an event together, please fill in an application form! Let’s search for “Something for fun”.



New event plan wanted



●「世界が広がる」 新しいことを経験し、自分の世界を広げていく。
●「はたらくを考える」 人生の大半を占める、はたらくについて向き合う。
●「英語で楽しむ」 世界中の人とコミュニケーションを取れるツールを楽しむ。
●「クリエイティブに過ごす」 想像し、何かをカタチにする時間を過ごす。
●「シンプルに楽しむ」 何も考えず、ただただ楽しい。そんなイベント企画    


時間:13:00 - 17:00の1-3時間

施設利用料に関しては無償となりますが、参加者1名につき1枚ドリンクチケットをご購入いただきます。ドリンクチケット一枚分 500円+tax(イベント主催者側の方々対象となります)




Linda recruit events with 5 themes stated below.

“Broaden my world”
Experience new things and broaden own world.

“Think about careers”
This theme is for facing careers that account for almost of life.

“Enjoy English”
Enjoy the tool of being able to communicate with people almost of whole world.

“Spend creatively”
Give form to one’s creations or ideas.

“Just Enjoy”
Like everyone says, “This event is the greatest!”

About how to conduct and fee

available day: Sat, Sun, public holiday.
available time: You can use an hour ~ three hours during PM 1:00 ~ PM 5:00

You can use the facilities free of charge, but you must buy a drink ticket (500 yen + tax).
This rule is subject to organizer side.
If you wanted to hold an event on the day or time other than the above or hold an event on 1st floor, it would be applicated if you contact us.

How to apply

Please apply this application form.

New event plan