New open hostel in Osaka


The new hostel was launched this June 2019

The preparation period is more than 1 year and finally we opened hostel.

Thank you for coming our hostel website.

Please read our story at about page, we wrote down at about page.

We also organized opening party at 5/31 the one day before open day.

Over 70 people came to this party and it was soooo fun and we really appreciated visitors.

This party is organized for appreciation for the people who have supported until our hostel open.

So we welcomed them and gave them drink tickets.

Also we invited the guest who is running the coffee shop and Japanese sweets shop, and they talked about the charming of this area around this hostel.

From now on we try to do best for connecting between guests and local and guest, and we would like to create good encounters during their travel.

Thank you.