Meet Osaka LOCALs

日本の伝統文化体験やソウルフード作りなど、地元の方々の協力を得て、本当の大阪を知ることが出来ます。また街並みを散策しながら大阪を知ることのできる「街歩きTOUR」などLINDA HOSTEL 106ならではの企画を多く用意しています。

For activities at Linda Hostel 106, it’s important to us to provide an opportunity for visitors in Japan to meet locals and gain new friends. You can experience traditional Japanese culture and food, interact with local people, or stroll the streets to discover the true Osaka on one of the many activities we have available.




Our independent experiences have themes such as food, traditional art, and wellness. We organize experiences in the 1st floor lounge on a regular basis. We invite professionals we call Linda experience ambassadors, who will provide experiences you can find nowhere else such as Japanese calligraphy, okonomiyaki cooking, sushi making, Japanese traditional toy Kendama, flower arrangement, Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese homemade style coffee roasting and more.


Local walking tour


LINDA HOSTEL 106周辺は、大阪でも下町文化が残る、ノスタルジックな街で、ガイドブックに載っていない大阪の生活感あふれる街並みです。そのなエリアをじっくり堪能いただけるように、私たちが、ゲストの皆様をご案内する、「街歩きTOUR」です。

Traditional culture still remains in the nostalgic area overflowing with Osaka life surrounding Linda Hostel 106, which you won’t find in any guidebook. We provide a walking tour so that you can experience this area and enjoy it as if it were a close friend showing you around.
This area has a charm that is difficult to find unless you live here, as well as some restaurants and shops that may seem hard to casually drop in to if you’re by yourself. We will show you to these kinds of fascinating places, which we hope all travelers visiting Osaka will enjoy. We have a good relationship with locals who know the area and run restaurants and shops, and you can not only be introduced to those shops and restaurants but also have a casual conversation with the locals to further understand that charm. We organize these tours in hopes that you will meet many people and experience this fascinating place.